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To be honest with you I've been an accountant for 20 years and I never really thought of accounting as a profession that is easily blogged about. Most people have preconceived notions about accounting that make it hard to peak people's interest.

If someone was going to blog about accounting I definitely did not think I would be that person. I have always been more of a nose to the grindstone get the job done kind of accountant rather than a creative abstract thinking kind of accountant (trust me their are some really creative accountants out there). However, in the past few months I have realized that our incredible team at Equity Accounting and I have some unique knowledge and experiences that we can offer to you and that we just might be able to help a few business people by sharing that knowledge and those experiences.

Moving forward I intend for this blog to be a place that provides business people and individuals access to the knowledge that the team at Equity Accounting and I have gained over our many years of experience. I will be blogging about accounting, bookkeeping and tax issues that directly impact your business or tax planning and will be providing advice regarding all of these topics.

Initially, I will be blogging about some accounting and bookkeeping basics for small and medium sized businesses. The intention is to provide advice based on the team at Equity Accounting's actual hands on experiences performing bookkeeping and accounting for hundreds of small and medium sized businesses. I also will be blogging about more detailed information on topics such as; fraud prevention and detection, incorporating a business, capital gains and dividend taxation and whatever other accounting and bookkeeping topics that you might be interested in moving forward.

I am hoping this blog allows me to speak directly to clients in a way that would have been impossible up until this point.

So basically this blog is a brave new world for the team at Equity Accounting and I. I hope you will tell me what you think and we can make this blog a place that allows Equity Accounting to address your accounting and bookkeeping needs now and in the future.


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